How To Lose Weight Dancing At Home To Afrobeats

If you love dancing, then dancing may be the key for you to jumpstart your weight loss. Research suggest that the best exercise for you to achieve your fitness goals, is an exercise that you love to do and can consistently do. So if you find enjoyment from a particular kind of exercise like dancing, than its the right exercise for you to lose weight. Keep reading to learn how to lose weight dancing

How To Lose Weight Dancing?

Dancing is a form of cardiovascular exercise that gets and keeps your heart rate pumping the entire workout. To lose weight with dancing you should follow the same recommendation for performing cardiovascular exercise. Dance 20-40mins 3-5 times a week at an intensity high enough to get your heart rate up and body sweating.  This Afrobeat Zumba Dance Workout is a great example of the type of dancing you can perform to help you achieve you weight loss goals. Just follow along to the dance moves throughout the entire video.

Can You Only Rely On Dancing To Lose Weight?

Typically no, unless you have a really healthy diet already. To lose weight you must create a calorie deficit in the body by both eating less calories and burning more calories through activity. Truthfully 75% or more of your weight loss efforts can come from correcting a bad diet. If you need some tips on how to lose weight check out my post about how to lose weight without dieting and how to lose weight without counting calories. In both articles I give tips on how to achieve a calorie deficit, by not necessarily eating less, but by eating smarter, and moving more. 

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