Dr. Blossom Okafor the creator of Afronutritionfitness.com is a performance physical therapist, strength, and wellness coach trained in New York City but born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri the daughter of Nigerian immigrants. She has a Bachelors degree in nutrition and exercise physiology from the University of Missouri and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York University. Formally a member of the track and field team at the University of Missouri, she continues to enjoy working out in her spare time, and reading about all things involving fitness, when she is not helping others blossom to life. She is the founder of Blossom2fitness LLC,  a physical therapy and wellness brand with the aim to  seamlessly intertwine wellness, sport performance training, personal training, and physical therapy with mindfulness to help individuals achieve optimal health. She created afronutritionfitness.com in 2012 due to the lack of credible information on the internet regarding African food and education of African populations about nutrition and healthy living to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer etc. Blossom is also the founder/creator of Afrofit.club an athleisure brand with the goal to get the African Diaspora motivated and to get fit in african print inspired athleisure wear.

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