How To Lose Weight Naturally With Your Mind in 2022


Even with the immense amount of information about weight loss available for free consumption, most fail at their attempt at weight loss. But why is this? I believe that people need to fundamentally reshape their minds about their individual goals for weight loss. Many people make weight loss goals based off of external factors. I want to fit into those jeans, I want to impress others or look good for my spouse. 

People need to change their mindset about weight loss and think, I want to lose weight so I can be HEALTHIER. I want to live a more fulfilled life to be present for myself. I want to lose weight so I can have more energy. I want to lose weight to get off all these medications and decrease my risk of early death from heart disease, diabetes, or stroke. You need a mindset shift for the decision to lose weight should stem internally to be healthier rather than externally. 

When you make a conscious decision to lose weight to get healthy, you will see that you will start to make decisions in your life that will allow you to lose weight without trying. You will consciously reach for water instead of soda or juice. You will consciously stop drinking alcohol every other day. You will consciously eat less fast food and eat more fruits and vegetables. 

In this new year, I hope people are better able to find balance with their health. And really take the time to sit back and take care of themselves. Life is fleeting. The time is now to wake up and invest in better health.

If you need help getting organized around your health. I created a planner to help you do just this. Set goals, track progress, get organized with meal planning and workouts, and stay motivated and inspired with affirmations all in one planner. Available now on Amazon.

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