Top 20 Wellness Products on Amazon

Here's a list of my top 20 wellness products on amazon you must try!

My Favorite Wellness Products

(In no particular order)

1. NutriBullet Blender Combo

NutriBullet is my favorite smoothie blender by far and with all the new accessories and recipe book you can't go wrong with this purchase. Even better it will help you declutter your countertop as you no longer need a seperate smoothie blender. This is a one stop shop! BUY NOW ON AMAZON

2. Apple Watch

Start tracking your fitness and smashing your wellness goals with my favorite smart watch: BUY NOW ON AMAZON

3. Breville Juicer

Juicing is the easiest way to quickly absorb high doses of nutrients from fruits and veggies. This juicer takes the hassle away: BUY NOW ON AMAZON

4. Sony Bluetooth Headphones

If you have ears like mine than no ear buds will ever stay in. I love these headphones for my workouts because there wireless, snug on my head, never fall, and noise cancelling so I can stay super focused throughout my entire workout. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

5. Folding Exercise Bike

Can't make it to the gym no worries.  This folding compact bike can easily fit into any tight space to get a good workout at home! Bonus, folds up beautifully when not in use. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

6. African Black Soap

I love black soap because it keeps my complexion looking fresh and bright with no blemishes. I use to only be able to buy this on my trips to Nigeria. Now its sold on Amazon I couldn't be more excited! BUY NOW ON AMAZON

7. Motivational Water Bottle

Do you struggle to drink enough water everyday? Than this water bottle is for you. It's time marked with words of motivation to help get you through the day reaching your water drinking goals.

8. Jump Rope with Skip Counter

Jump roping has proved to be a very beneficial way to lose weight especially fat. With this jump rope you can set goals to help push you to reach bigger goals. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

9. Foam Roller and other self massage tools

foam rolling and using other self massage tools like foot rollers are massage balls are great recovery tools. Research shows they help decrease pain and help your muscles recover faster. Check out my article HERE to learn more. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

10. High waist Leggings with Side Pocket

I hate leggings that aren't high waist. These leggings are squat proof and have the added side pocket to secure small belongings like phones and keys so your hands can remain free while jogging and working out. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

11. Organifi Green Juice Powder

Do you find it difficult to eat enough green veggies. Well this is the solution to your problem. 1 scoop of this green powder and you are set for the day. You can add it to a smoothie or to water. Adding this to your diet is a great way to easily boost your immune system and health!

12. Yogi Turmeric Tea
I love Yogi tea with there inspirational quotes. But this flavour has become my favorite with turmeric and its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

13. Essential Oil Diffuser

Do you want to keep you home fresh, while relaxing at the same time. Then this essential oil diffuser is perfect for you. Essentials can help with your breathing and relaxation while keeping everywhere smelling nice. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

14. Massage Gun

Yes you can own your own massage gun, and you don't have to break the bank. Give yourself a massage with one of these tools and start feeling better immediately. you can find expensive and cheaper varieties online. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

15. Yoga Mat with Strap

If you workout at home a workout mat is necessary. This mat comes with a strap that keeps your mat nicely rolled up when not in use, and makes it easy to carry when on the go.

16. KettleBell

Kettlebells can be a great addition to your strength training routine if you know how to use them properly. Check my routine HERE for kettlebell workout inspiration. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

17. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a staple in the home workout and gym sphere. There are so many varieties online. But to save space at home. I would invest in multi weight dumbbells that have different weight settings to adjust as you get stronger. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

18. Stretching Strap

Stretching is important post workout to speed up recovery, but sometimes you can benefit from the assistance of another. Using a stretching strap can be like that assistance from another person to help hold and maintain your stretches longer without fatiguing you muscles. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

19.  Nike Gym Bag

This is my gym bag and I can complain, very spacious with multiple compartments big and small so nothing gets lost. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

20. African Waist Beads

Research suggest that African waist beads can in fact help you lose weight by making you more aware of your boy and decreasing how much you eat. It's not a fad, only now the rest of the world as caught on to the genius of Africa. You can learn more HERE about how to lose weight with African Waist Beads. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

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