20 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Home Workout (Follow Along)


Follow along to this Full Body Dumbbell Workout that can easily be done anywhere and at home Workout Details for this #fullbodydumbbellworkout at home. Complete each exercise twice for 40 seconds followed by 20 secs of rest. 1️⃣ rows to flys 2️⃣sumo jump squat 3️⃣rows to kickbacks 4️⃣backward lunge to high knee 5️⃣lateral lunge 6️⃣punches Want more videos like this? Don’t forget to like share subscribe and sweat 😅 this workout! My outfit is from AFROFIT CLUB ACTIVEWEAR: Bra: Click Here To Shop Bra Leggings: Click Here To Shop Leggings

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