Find Motivation For Weight Loss in 2021 | Get Back on Track to Reach Your New Years Resolution

Every new year people make a resolution to change their lives for the better. With good intentions, most start off strong for the first few weeks of the new year, but soon there afterwards fall off their routines. The best way to get back on track is to create or find a plan to stick to.  It's never been more important time to think about self care and leading a healthier life, so here are 8 tips to you get back on track to reach your health and weight loss resolutions this year

1. Create or find a plan to stick  
Its never a good idea to blindly try and achieve any goal you have for your self. Nowadays there are numerous online fitness coaches with wellness and weight loss plans that you can follow along from home. For some weight loss inspiration check out plans from Massy Arias, Afrifitness, or my own Blossom2fitness

2. Get a smart watch fitness tracker
Smart watches can be great investments to help to lead a healthier life and reach your goals. They help track all your workouts and activity. Even if you don't have over $200 to pay for an apple watch or fit bit there are now numerous cheaper options on the market under $50. I bought my mother a budget smart watch under $50 and she gets excited every day when she reaches her step goals. She started at 3,000 steps a day and now is at 6,000. Aside from step tracking, his particular smart watch also tracks oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate,  sleep, and workouts. Its definitely a good investment to motivate anyone to become more active. 

3. Break up your goal into smaller goals & write them down in a journal
Its always a good idea to write down any goal you have for yourself to make it more tangible and achievable. Better yet instead of simply writing the goal down break it up into smaller goals so achieving the goal doesn't seem so daunting. Often times when you break up your goals into smaller goals it keeps you motivated to keep achieving. Investing in a fitness or weight loss journal can also help with this. There are several on the market that make goal setting much easier for you.

4. Enlist a friend or accountability buddy
Sometimes all you need is a little motivation from another person with similar goals like yourself to get motivated. It can be exciting to share goals met and set up workout dates with someone close to you. If you don't know anyone then investing in a personal trainer is always a good idea as well.

5. Buy some new workout gear
There's never a better feeling than rocking some new matching leggings and tops to workout in and get you motivated even if you are at home. Its not a crime to look cute while working out. Check out these new African print inspired workout sets from and use code AFROFITFOREVER for 12% off your next order. specializes in workout gear for all shapes and sizes including plus size up to 6XL. Their goal is to inspire the African diaspora to lead a healthier life.

6. Purchase a smart bike or smart mirror like Peloton or Echelon
Smart bikes and smart mirrors bring the gym to your home. They feature 1000s of live interactive and on demand workouts with skilled personal trainers. You can bring your favorite workout class into your living room at the drop of a second. Smart home gyms like Echelon and Peloton are definitely the new workout train here to stay for 2021. Check out my article HERE about the best and most budget friendly smart gym option for your home. 

7. Subsribe to fitness youtube pages
If you are short on cash and short on motivation, youtube honestly may be your best option as its free. There are millions of youtube pages with free workouts you can follow along to. Just go to youtube and search any type of workout you may be interested in and get moving! I have my own page Blossom2fitness where I feature afrobeat and body weight workouts. Check it out and don't forget to subscribe, its free! One of my favorite youtube pages for workouts is MrandMrsMuscle

8. Don't Beat Yourself Up
finally give yourself a break, and understand it takes time to achieve any meaningful goal we set for ourselves. Good luck this year!

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