Best Home Smart Mirrors & Smart Bikes of 2021: Peloton, "The Mirror," Echelon Review

 Fitness tech companies have responded to the increased demand for more sophisticated, innovative, and intriguing workouts at home to help people better reach their fitness and weight loss goals with the creation of the "Smart Home Gym." With the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, people being more confined to their homes, and continued fear of potential disease contraction at gyms, people now must find creative ways to workout at home away from the gym. No longer is simply relying on home DVDs and dumbbells enough. Now we have Peloton and Echelon smart home gyms, featuring smart mirrors and smart bikes to get us moving and motivated. Keep reading to find out the best Smart Home Gyms and bikes in 2021 to decide which is the best option for you to reach your fitness goals this year!

Best Budget Friendly Smart Mirror of 2021

Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirror


  • The look: 40in sleek mirror that can add to the decorations of any home. Easily change any room in your home to a gym without any bulky equipment.  
  • The cost: Cheaper than all other smart mirror alternatives 
  • Workouts: Features Live on Demand workouts as well as others to chose from taught by a skilled trainer including:
  • High energy cardio, yoga, zumba, strength training, Pilates, boxing, meditation, celebrity workouts and more
  • Tracks your heart rate and calories burned in real time to help keep you accountable during your workouts
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: Don't like it return it within the first 30 days of purchase

Requires $19.99 monthly subscription to access workouts, though offers 30 day free trial

Recommended to mount to wall, while others come with a floor stand

The Verdict: If you don't want to shell out over $2,000 Echelon Mirror is your best bet. With a sleeker design than other alternatives and a comparable amount of fun workout options you can't go wrong with this purchase. It can also be easily purchased on amazon for convenience, which allows monthly payments if needed, and quick shipping. You'll never feel like you are working out alone with this smart mirror.

Best Overall Smart Mirror of 2021

The "Mirror"


  • Sleek design
  • Comes with stand if you prefer to lean it on the wall instead of mount
  • 1000s or workouts, high energy, yoga, post natal, strength, barre, dance, pilates, chair, low impact, zumba, the list goes on and on
  • Weekly live classes
  • Tracks your heart rate and calories burned in real time to help keep you accountable during your workouts
  • Can pay for 1:1 personal training 


  • The Cost $1,495 plus $250 delivery and installation fee. (Company offers financing for $42 for 36 months)
  • Requires $39 monthly subscription to access workouts

The Verdict: If you have $1,700 to shell out this is a great option for you as you will never get bored with workouts from the convenience of your home. However for a cheaper price The Echelon Mirror is a great alternative.

Best Budget Friendly Smart Bike of 2021


  • 21.5" HD Touchscreen that flips 180°, easy bluetooth connection to Echelon App
  • Sleek, compact modern design, (3.5'x1.9' feet)with large seat and even a dumbbell wrack under the seat
  •  Live and on-demand classes with only the best music from all genres. Includes classes for beginners to advanced riders ranging from 20-75 minutes long. Choose from endurance, climbing, HIIT, scenic rides and many others from our 30+ world class instructors including Mario Lopez
  • One Echelon membership works for all machines, including  Connect Bikes, Row, Reflect mirrors and future machines. 
  • Membership to access classes is half the cost of other companies
  • Tracks your heart rate and calories burned in real time to help keep you accountable during your workouts
  • Max weight 300lbs

Requires $19.99 monthly subscription to access workouts, though offers 30 day free trial

The Verdict: Honestly, you really can't go wrong with this bike. If you don't have over $2,000 to shell out this is your best option at just over $1000. The Echelon Smart Bike will keep you engaged and motivated to workout featuring bike workouts and even standing workouts using the screen that turns a full 180. If you need the added motivation of numerous at home personal trainers just seconds a way Echelon Smart bike is right for you to meet your 2021 fitness and health goals. Easily order it on Amazon for seamless shipping and delivery.

Best Overall Smart Bike

  • Offers 0% APR financing
  • 30 day home trial and 12 month warranty
  • Sophisticated Peloton app with All access membership for classes compatible to watch on your phone, tablet, tv or bike
  • 1000s of live and on demand classes to satisfy anyones style or preferred workout type. From running, strength, yoga, cycling, pilates, boxing. All the classes are quite interactive
  • Sleek compact design at 4'x2' feet, though still larger than the Echelon bike
  • Max weight 297lbs, good but less than Echelon
  • at $2245 for Peloton's cheapest bike it's quite expensive. The newest Peloton bike is $2495
  • $39/month membership for classes
The Verdict: If you are an avid cycler with a community of friends who also use peloton, than this is the bike for you. Otherwise save some cash and get the cheaper Echelon Smart Bike. Both bikes will get you the same fitness and health results

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