Top 20 Afrobeat Dance Fitness Youtube Channels

 Sometimes working out can get boring, so we need a little extra motivation to get moving. Particularly if you like to dance, an Afrobeat workout may be right for you to get your body moving and help stay healthy or lose extra pounds. Here's a list of the top 20 Afrobeat Workout Channels on Youtube in no particular order. This list is not exhaustive, so if you know of any other workout channels that do full length Afrobeat workouts please let us know to add.

1. Kukuwa Fitness


 2. Afrifitness

3. Mr HelioFario

4.  Fit Body By Ashley

5. Blossom2Fitness

6. Werk Dat Fitness

7. Esosa Ogbebor

8. Taras Body

9. Afrofit Workout

10. N'spired Afrocise

11. Afrovibe Dance Workout

12. Foxxyyroxxy

 13. Scola Donda

14. Shaz on the Move

15. Sakkacise Goddess

16. Rosey Kay

17. Fay Obiji

18. Majamfit

19. GetfitwithKosy

20. Justafrodance

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