Best Resistance Band Booty Workout To Grow Your Glutes at Home

Using resistance bands is a great way to train and grow your glutes (butt muscles) while working out at home. Having strong glutes doesn’t only aesthetically look good, but I personally recommend targeted glute training to everyone to help prevent and treat back, knee, and hip pain. The glute muscles consist of 3 muscles, which are the glute max, glute medius, and glute minimus. For this reason it is important to train your glutes in different positions. In particular a research article  by Bret Contreras the "Glute Guy" stated that training in a horizontal position like in the bridge or donkey kick exercise can maximize glute activation and growth.

So, here is a resistance band glute workout to get your butt burning 🔥 and help you grow your glutes at home. Swipe, save, share and sweat 💦 this workout. Try it at least 3 times a week for best results. For this workout you can do each exercise for 20 reps of 3 sets, or do each exercise for 30 seconds as shown in the video by Blossom2Fitness on Youtube without rest between exercises to really burnout your glute muscles. Comment below with any questions you have about glute training enjoy!

1️⃣ leg extension
2️⃣ donkey kick
3️⃣ fire hydrant
4️⃣ bridge
5️⃣ butterfly bridge
6️⃣ single leg bridge
7️⃣ hip abduction
8️⃣ clam

DOWNLOAD FREE PRINTABLE resistance band Workout guide HERE
DOWNLOAD FREE PRINTABLE resistance band Workout guide HERE

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