Lower Ab Workout

How To Target Your Lower Abs

When performing abdominal exercise you work different muscles to depending on the types of moves you are performing. Research suggest that in order to target your lower abs while performing abdominal exercises you should maintain a posterior pelvic tilt. Maintaining a posterior pelvic tilt, not only helps better target your lower abs but also allows greater muscle contraction of all your abdominal muscles. Check out this Video to see how to do a proper pelvic tilt. 

When performing abdominal exercise you should try to maintain as neutral of a pelvis as possible and avoid arching your back. Practicing the pelvic tilt exercise can help you better perform ab exercises to get the best results from your workouts. 

Here is a 10 minute lower ab workout

For this workout Do 45 seconds of exercise followed by 15 seconds of rest. Repeat twice for a quick 20min workout that will have your #abs on fire 🔥 Like, Save, share, and sweat 💦 this workout. 

1️⃣toe touches
2️⃣reverse crunch
3️⃣flutter kick
5️⃣russian twist
6️⃣sprinter abs
7️⃣spider plank
8️⃣rotating plank

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