10 [Affordable] BEST Home Workout Equipment Essentials

A workout mat is essential to make floor exercises more comfortable and especially for yoga workouts. 

Using jump ropes for cardio are very effective for fat loss and help with weight loss while toning all parts of the body.

Use of kettlebells for workouts help improve core strength and stability as the shape of the takes your body out of its center of gravity forcing you to use more muscles to coordinate your movements. Research also shows that using kettlebells for HIIT cardio may be more effective for fat loss than running. Check out a simple kettlebell workout by clicking HERE.

Ankle Weights are very versatile, allowing you to move freely and while targeting specifics muscles unlike with traditional weight equipment. 

Using dumbbells to workout require more coordination than when using weight machines, and thus can provide greater benefits when used properly. The key is to make sure your weights are not to heavy so all your movements are performed in a safe and controlled manner. Check out a simple dumbell workout by clicking HERE

Resistance bands provide variable resistance throughout your movements intensifying the difficulty of your workouts for added calorie burn and specific muscle targeting. There are different types of resistance bands. Typically resistance bands loops like pictured below are better for lower body exercises while unlooped bands or cable bands with handles are better for upper body workouts.

Using stretching straps are great for your cool down to add extra tension to your stretches post workout helping you achieve better flexibility.

Using foam rollers are great for recovery post workout. Research shows they can help decrease "DOMS," delayed onset muscle soreness, and help speed up your recovery from workouts. Read more HERE about how to properly use foam rollers.

Stability balls are great for adding greater challenge to your workouts and help with developing better core strength and balance.

"Affordability" is subjective, so some may say an apple watch is not affordable, but i think the use of a fitness tracker is a great asset to have when doing home workouts. The trackers can keep you accountable, by sending you notifications to workout when you haven't worked out in a while. You can set calorie and step daily goals to keep you focused like a trainer would. And besides texting, receiving calls, and emails, you can track sleep, HR, steps, calories during workouts, and steps among other things. I'm featuring the apple watch here because it's what I own, but there are several Fit Bit watches and Samsung Smart watches that compare for those of you who are not apple fans. 

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