Proven Way to Lose Weight with Mindful Eating in 2020

Find Out the Key to losing weight this year!

I am a firm believer that when you discipline your mind your body will follow!

Are you having difficulty sticking to a healthy meal plan? The key is to learn to adopt an Abundance vs Scarcity mindset when dealing with food. Wondering what does this mean? Then keep reading. Most people lead with a scarcity mindset when pertaining to their eating habits. When leading with a scarcity mindset you yearn for instant gratification, and you seek external quick fixes for emotional fulfillment.  

For example, when you get offered junk food that you think will satisfy your cravings you always accept even when you are not hungry. You may also frequently pack to go plates during parties even though your fridge is full at home. These actions are fostered from a sense of “lacking.” When things are restricted from your diet, you feel you are lacking, and your mind perceives these “off-limit” foods as scarce. When you feel something is scarce, you tend to over indulge when the opportunity presents itself. 

Dieting creates a scarcity mindset that often leads to a binge eating/restriction cycle. However, when you adopt a healthy LIFESTYLE where you know all food(an abundance) is allowed, albeit some in moderation you have a mind frame shift. When you lead with an abundance mindset you understand and feel that there will always be an abundance and more of everything you need to be fulfilled in life.

For instance when you are offered those cookies at work, tell yourself, I don’t need this right now, I can always eat cookies anytime I want; anytime I PLAN to. The difference now is you plan for “indulging” so that you never feel guilty and over eat because of this guilt. And in fact it will no longer be seen as indulging.

You know your friend has a b-day party coming this weekend, it’s ok to PLAN to eat cake with no guilt when your LIFESTYLE is healthy. It’s ok to PLAN to have chicken and waffles ever so often with no guilt when your LIFESTYLE is healthy. You must move with intention and plan in order to be successful at anything in life.


Adopting an abundance mindset allows you to employ self-discipline and fully take control over your eating habits. This mindset allows you to reshape your relationship with food to not just succumb to instant gratification. Hippocrates states, “Let food be thy medicine.” And the food we eat should be exactly this. Food should not make us feel guilty, sickly and/or sluggish, but rather the food we consume should energize and invigorate our lives. So change your mindset about food this year to lose more weight.

When you Blossom to fitness of mind and body, you blossom to life!

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