Diabetes Why Africa Should be alarmed! pt 3

The beer belly AKA what I call the diabetes belly.

We have all seen them, skinny men with bulging bellies or even worse heavy men with even bigger bellies. Well this abdominal fat also know as central obesity is highly correlated with insulin resistance, which is a precursor to diabetes.

Men please drink your Guinness and Heineken in moderation. Not only does alcohol have nearly as much calories as fat, it is broken down in the body like fat and stored as fat.

Fat = 9 Cal/gram
alcohol = 7 Cal/gram
carbohydrate/protein = 4 Cal/ gram

Many African men think heaviness and big stomachs are signs of affluence, so they ignorantly eat and drink over zealous amounts trying to flaunt money and get bigger in size. The point of this post is just to forewarn those individuals who enjoy food and drinking a bit too much. Attaining and Maintaining a small waist line can only be done through proper nutrition and enough physical activity.

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