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My Favorite Wellness Products

A guide to help you debloat and detoxify your body to feel revitalized in just 2 DAYS!
Featuring 10 delicious green smoothie recipes to help jumpstart your weight loss and healthy living efforts!


NutriBullet is my favorite smoothie blender by far and with all the new accessories and recipe book you can't go wrong with this purchase: BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Apple Watch

Start tracking your fitness and smashing your wellness goals with my favorite smart watch: BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Breville Juicer

Juicing is the easiest way to quickly absorb high doses of nutrients from fruits and veggies. This juicer takes the hassle away: BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Sony Bluetooth Headphones

If you have ears like mine than no ear buds will ever stay in. I love these headphones for my workouts because there wireless, snug on my head, never fall, and noise cancelling so I can stay super focused throughout my entire workout. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Folding Exercise Bike

Can't make it to the gym no worries.  This folding compact bike can easily fit into any tight space to get a good workout at home! Bonus, folds up beautifully when not in use. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

African Black Soap

I love black soap because it keeps my complexion looking fresh and bright with no blemishes. I use to only be able to buy this on my trips to Nigeria. Now its sold on Amazon I couldn't be more excited! BUY NOW ON AMAZON

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